There is something not right between templates and me. Somehow, I don’t know why, they seem to resist any futile attempt by me to adapt them to what I really need. In short, I found this cool piece of code to create a nice sitemap page. I copied it, pasted and tweaked it and, let’s admit it, DID NOT WORK. Frustrating!!!

Nevertheless, learning is all about…urmm…not sure, I guess it’s about knowing someone who is nice enough to spend time explaining how to do thing.

In other areas of my development/frustration, I learned how annoying dreamweaver is when it comes to mess the code. It’s fine to describe as a visual web tool and move things easily on the screen by just dragging them. Then I figured out that it could those actions which causes a lot of orphan legacy code causing validation errors or broken links. Yet, I am a man of persistence and didn’t give up easily. The reward was to manage to get all my links to work across the site. At least today!!


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