Graphic designer and social media consultant

Communicate with graphic design

Graphic design is everywhere around us, from top brands to your local cafe round the corner. Design helps us to communicate and in a world in which social media dominate with a visual language, having your promotional material designed by a professional has become the norm. Read on and find out what I can do for your business or project.

What is graphic design?



What is it that you need from your graphic design project? I am here to listen to your idea and keen to work together to achieve it.
Design is not an imposition but a dialogue



How we engage with the world around us depends greatly on our eyesight. Graphic design must be visually engaging to communicate effectively and I will work with you to find the images that describe best your message



No matter how good some graphic designs can be if the message gets too wordy to understand it. Simple, clear and engaging messages are key to reach out more customers. Together we will create that simple and effective message you look for.